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Replace  OEM part #: WT-827 / WT-827-1WT-149A, WT-275, WT-340-1,

WT-454, WT-539, WT-539-1, WT-685 105R / 132R / 725R / 767R / 775R
Fit For some carb  tillers, 210r; 775r, 2800M, trimmers; 280r blowers; 310BVr vac/blower
Replaces carburetor the 753-05133 (in certain TB models), 791-182875, 791-182062, 791-182535 753-04333
Replaces carb C1U-P10A, C1U-P14A

Ryobi blower vac carb carburettor

SKU: 126100
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